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Futon Plush Guard All Over

Protect yourself and your futon mattress with Plush-Guard™ futon and pillow protectors. Plush-Guard™ futon protectors will guard your futon against stains, moisture ( including sweat and body fluids), dust mites and bacteria while allowing the futon to breath.

SIScovers Plush-Guard™ protectors combine 80% cotton with 20% polyester to provide maximum softness and absorption with durability and strength. We apply a waterproof yet breathable barrier to the fabric to repel liquids and stains but allow vapors and moisture to escape.

Plush-Guard™ futon protectors are constructed with the barrier fabric on the top, bottom and sides of the futon to offer full protection. When you need reliable protection for your futon mattress, peace of mind and a restful sleep, ask for SIScovers Plush-Guard™ futon and pillow protectors.

  • Waterproof—repels all liquids including sweat and body fluids
  • Breathable—allows vapors and moisture to escape
  • Dust Mite Barrier—prevents bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your futon mattress
  • Absorbent—super soft terry cloth fabric combines 80% cotton, 20% polyester for maximum softness and absorption
  • Flexible—polyester provides strength and stretch for easy fit and shape retention
  • Machine Washable—machine washable at high temperature, tumble-dry low
  • No Ironing—easy to care for, wrinkle resistant
  • Full Protection—barrier fabric on top, bottom and sides of futon mattress


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